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Merger & Acquisitions

Merger & acquisition activities have taken place at an almost frenzied pace during the past five years. Many firms are using M & A activities to expand their service lines and geographic areas, while other firms are selling in order to transition ownership or offer employees additional opportunities. Historically, the success rate of M & A activities has been disappointing in that nearly half of the mergers or acquisitions have not met the expectation of one or both of the parties.

Mergers & AcquistionsA/E Consulting Services excels in orchestrating the M & A process whether working for the acquiring firm, the firm being acquired, or facilitating the process with both parties. We are skillful at first bringing to our clients the information and insight necessary to make a good decision as to whether to proceed with M & A activities. When the decision is made to proceed, we analyze and present to our clients a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing, merging or selling, and various structuring options. Finally, we will guide you through the entire M & A process.

A/E Consulting Services‘ merger and acquisition services include:

  • Assisting companies in evaluating the suitability of M & A activities and how to become better positioned.
  • Acquisition searches for both buyers and sellers.
  • Facilitating M & A introductions and negotiations.
  • Valuating the business.
  • Structuring the M & A transaction.
  • Performing “due diligence” reviews and key employee interviews.
  • Developing the pre- and post-acquisition management strategy for a successful business combination.
  • Managing the legal activities and the development of the M & A documents.

The key for successful mergers & acquisitions is a clear understanding of the M & A process, structuring alternatives, and what truly constitutes value.